The Famous High Rise $34 Leggings-3 Colors-Black, Chocolate, Navy

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These leggings you guys. THESE.LEGGINGS.

I have sold these leggings going on almost 10 years. I have sold a lot of different leggings in 10 years, but no legging, is this legging. 

First of all, they are high waisted, so when I tell you that you will feel protected...

They are not shapewear but they are close, they will hold you in place.

They DO NOT droop, you will not get droopy crotch. You will not be pulling them all day because they will slowly creep down.

You will not find these at a better price.

They are available in regular and extended sizes. Regular is 0-12, Extended 12-22.

The solid ones are currently available in black, navy and chocolate. Get all 3 trust me, you may want to get 2 of each.

The fabric allows them to be your favorite lounge leggings, workout leggings, or dressy leggings.

They are perfection. Period.

75% Rayon/17% Nylon/8% Spandex

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