Gold Plated Initial Coin Necklace

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This beauty we have carried at the store literally since opening on March 28, 2010. Originally the necklace's intent was to have one big initial on the main coin, and the same initial on the little coin and just a random colored stone.

But soon myself and my customers started customizing this beauty and putting our children's initials on the little coins or their birthstones...basically we just customized it to our liking. 

For example, I have 3 boys and all of their names start with 'B' I have a big 'V', one little 'b' for the little coin and then 3 different stones, one for each child's birth month...emerald for May..etc. 

Some ladies keep the necklace simple with their initial and that's it. Some ladies will do their last name letter as the big coin, and then their first name initial as the little coin. 

If you would like one of these necklaces, you can buy it on the site and then email to customize! Additional fees may incur if you are adding lots of stone and letters.

The designer is AV Max and they are fabulous to work with and very accommodating. Their offices are in NYC where all the production is done. They are very good with fixing items, like for example, my chain popped when it got caught on a car seat lol! And they fixed it for me, no charge. This makes a fabulous gift anytime of the year! 


The necklace with one big coin and up to two little coins and up to two birthstones is $70, if you add letters and stones, the price goes up $5 per piece. You can purchase it here for $70 and email me and we can discuss what you want and then I will send you an invoice for the balance if need be.

Here is a video with the description!


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