Clara Sun Woo Liquid Leather Blazer-ETA July 2022-JK124-Preorder new style for Fall 2022

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Introducing the 'Liquid Leather' blazer! The Clara Sun Woo Liquid Leather moto jackets have been such a hit, that it only makes sense to offer this fabric in the classic blazer style.

Experience our unique faux Liquid Leather Zip Jacket which is made from our beautiful signature stretch knit, extremely lightweight soft "lambskin feel" fabric with an antique like textured matte finish. This jacket features a notched lapel, long sleeves, a fabric covered button, and pockets.

The interior is made from soft knit giving it the right amount of stretch with breathable superb wear that conforms to your body and provides you with a figure flattering silhouette.

Liquid Leather is washable and slightly stretchy. Trust us when we tell you, you will feel like you are in a jacket that costs 10 times more!

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