Risen and Pleasantly Surprised!

Ladies, I know Judy Blues is our current bae. But it is time for a side piece. It is time to be 'Risen and pleasant surprised'. #thatswhatshesaid

I have heard good things about Risen, so I decided to try them for myself. Now listen, I have a few side pieces. I love Vervet and KanCan too. Aren't we in the women's movement right now? I think so. So don't feel bad test driving. Judy will always be there for us. 

I also did something VERY brave. I slid on my Judy size. Normally in KanCan I size up one, but not here my dear. 

And guess what the Risen fit like buttuh.

I read to do the same size as JB, but it still wigs me out I do size 11 in JB, but who am I to deny?

These particular pair of denim do have stretch in them but they are not as stretchy as JB, but fear not you will still love them.

I love the length, you can unfold and wear them cropped or keep them folded. I love the wash, a touch modern mixed with a touch 90s. Also, there is some distressing but not too much, just enough. On one side I have them unrolled and one side rolled. 

You can do them casually (size 7 shown here)

I love this 50's-ish dressier look with the sunglasses, blouse and slides 

Here they are in a 3 

So listen, if you wanna test drive a cute pair of boyfriends that fit great and will have you smiling! Try the Risen!

Sizing is 1-13 which is your normal JB size. I am a 12 so I do 11 in JB(Judy Blue). In Risen the 1X-16, 2X-18, 3X-20


PS the floral blouse comes out Thursday 1/20/22! It is BEAUTIFUL!

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