1. a person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type.
                 "These leggings are the epitome of day to night"
You all know I am all about stretching your dollars. I love to you show several ways to wear one thing. 
These leggings. These. leggings.
For. Real.
They are so good. They feature a not so crazy print in the front and the back, they have a leather strip down the sides and then a perfectly placed leather pocket.
They are from White Birch which is quickly growing to be one of our fave brands. I love their quality and the fact they include a XL in their sizing. 
These leggings are a GREAT buy for $32 and I am gonna show you why!
S-0-4, M-6-8, L-10-12, XL-12-14, 1X-16, 2X-18, 3X-20
I could not WAIT to have all the fun. There really aren't many places you can't go in these leggings. Watch the video for proof! 

Want to go someplace casual? I got you!

From left to right the Wrapped in the Love shacket, The Sail Away Top(one of my faves, SO EASY and cute!), and the super duper amazing easy to wear pull over, the Polar Bear

Wrapped in Love-This comes in a few colors, link to all https://vanessavboutique.com/search?q=wrapped+in+love&submit=Search

Sail Away https://vanessavboutique.com/products/sail-away-v-neck-sweater?_pos=3&_sid=6f433f197&_ss=r

Polar Bear.https://vanessavboutique.com/products/polar-bear-pullover-in-ivory?_pos=1&_sid=b4fdeb653&_ss=r


Are you more a casual gal and love you a good tunic n leggings 'fit? This can go dressy or casual too!

Left to right

The Along the Way top is $28 and is such a fun slouchy vibe. Easy to wear and a great price. Runs true to size.  https://vanessavboutique.com/products/along-the-way-top-in-mauve?_pos=1&_sid=1ec65d795&_ss=r&variant=39735406329916

One of my FAVES!! The Emi- TALK ABOUT EASY!! and inexpensive like the along the way! $32. This one also runs true to size. I am in the large


The Red Carpet Tunic is one of those must haves. Super easy to wear and in a color that will pop a solid but also coordinate with your fave black and white prints! (This will come on in black very soon!) Runs true to size https://vanessavboutique.com/products/red-carpet-tunic-top?_pos=1&_sid=6d6848f4c&_ss=r

The 'Let it Be' Top is a $26 wonder. Also available in sand. If you are a leggings and tunic gal, these links made your heart go pitter pat didn't it? Link to both colors. https://vanessavboutique.com/search?q=let+it+be+top&submit=Search


Are you a lady who has places to go and people to see? You wanna wear your leggings from the board room to the yoga room? As usual, I got you!

From left to right


White top under blazer-Is called the 'Picture This' This is a pleasant surprise bc it is a knit but its dressy. Soft and lovely. This one comes XS-XL and 1X-3X and fits true to size! 


Let it Be Black tunic is the black layering piece in these pics only $26


Lucky Break Charcoal Cardigan-Size up one one size


RIDICULOUSLY SOFT CREAM CARDIGAN- You need this. You will love this.



Ladies, I hope I have shown you the value in and how I just made your $32 streeeeeeeetchhhhhh!

Want the leggings? Grab them here-https://vanessavboutique.com/products/training-day-leggings?_pos=1&_sid=2ed3aa6d0&_ss=r

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