A Very Viereck January and Some Vanessavboutique.com Changes For 2022

Hello ladies! 

Well look at this..a blog post!

You know, I used to blog ALL the time when I was a mother of one child lol. I LOVED it! I got to get all my thoughts and ideas out and it was up to you if you wanted to read it. Now, my posts have turn into blog posts. (Insert laughing emoji which I don't yet know how to do on this platform). I had so much fun and still get requests for the different themes I had. Anyone remember 'Hey girl, hey!'??? The blog about two girls showing up in the same place wearing VV but wearing it differently and they would see each other and say 'Hey girl, hey!'.

They say nothing disappears from the internet, but I beg to differ. Those old Wordpress blogs that were truly great works of art, are GONE. Remember the one where I showed you how I curl my hair? This was 2012 before all the fancy instruments were available and we just had a jolly ole curling iron. Or what about the one where I introduced Lafayette to Jentry Kelley, a unknown at the time makeup artist who just developed her own line?

Remember alllll the blogs about Viereck? The 'How to Hot Sake'? Well looks like we have come full circle bc my first blog post in YEARS is about..Ms Viereck! 

She has sent me another round of amazing transitional pieces. You know transition..that time between January and March and July and October when there are like no rules? We can wear boots with shorts, sweaters with flip flops. We can mix pink and chocolate. We can wear dresses with sleeves and wedges or sleeveless dresses and boots. It is not officially 'Spring' and it is not officially 'Fall' for clothing..no rules, no weird looks. It's your world and we just live in it.

So I am doing something super duper exciting. I have decided to do a 'Very Viereck January'. All items will be available the entire month of January for $62 and under. After January, they are GONE. FOREVER. 

You will never see these pieces again.

Am I discontinuing Viereck? Nope. Will you see $38, $48, $58 Viereck anytime soon? NOPE!

My ole school shoppers know that getting Viereck at these prices is unheard of. If you go into any upscale boutique boutique that carries Viereck, everything is over $100, and not just $108, like $188.

I was the first boutique to bring Viereck into Louisiana, and the brand quickly built around Lafayette, where you often heard 'Is that a Viereck?' across the lips of my cajun ladies. 

Seeing Viereck on a hanger or in a picture is COMPLETELY different than experiencing Viereck on your body and I PROMISE you, anyone who owns a Viereck, will agree. The woman can just design. Her fit is impeccable and the pieces are timeless. Most items are made of wrinkle free, high quality poly/span in gorgeous prints Viereck designs herself. 

Because of the 10 year relationship I have with Viereck, she offers these pieces to me at a lower cost because she may not have a full size run or they are from the previous season. She is not a fan of selling them to big box discount stores, so like Louis V, her name/brand is not muddy. 

On January 1st at 9am, the pieces will go live and remain on the site until January 31st. What I have is what I have, I can not get anything made in the same print. 


When Viereck returns to the site for the Spring 2022 season, the prices will not be as high as you see them in retail stores, but they will not be $58 either. 

Regarding site changes..

I will no longer have 10-15 pieces being released Monday-Friday. The releases will be Tuesday and Thursday at 9am. This may be temporary, but it will definitely be for January and February. I found with all the releases, and being a single mom, I was not able to really 'play' with the clothing and create looks like I love to do. I will admit, my ability to 'play' with clothing had a lot to do with the way Clara Sun Woo sold their items to me. I was able to order samples in my size, make outfits, and then you guys ordered, all bc Clara had stock in the warehouse in NYC. Well, as you know under the current economic environment, manufacturers are not able to boat items in from overseas, so the cost to fly items has gone up CRAZY high. The way Clara runs their business is they design a spring line and a fall line and they would have inventory from their lines that I could order from. They are not producing as much, so their inventory gets swooped up very fast, especially now that they are more of a national brand, and not just a random line some boutiques carry. 


While I love to make outfits and show you all the ways..the frustration comes with social media. I question are fit videos even worth it bc FB algorithm no likey. But it never fails, if I don't do a fit video, I get comments 'Fit video?', so that tells me you guys are seeing them and perhaps looking for them. So one of my plans for 2022 is to upload the fit videos to the site so they are there for you on the product page so you don't have to go looking in the group. They will most likely be quickies in front of a mirror(sorry I couldn't help myself there), no glam VV hair and makeup on some, but the elusive 'What size for me?' questions can hopefully, for most of you who are not clung to the teet, be answered.  You can never imagine the amount of time it takes to sell clothing online while trying to figure out social media. Between uploading to a site, taking pics and vids and editing them, doing hair and makeup, posting to a group, business pages, reels, scheduling and doing lives, just talking about your day to day life on stories, being chic on IG(not me, I just can't my house isn't white and it isn't clean), and being funny on Tik Tok(I can do this but when??), it is so insanely time consuming. And don't even get me started on your brand having a certain image or consistent look on IG...blast you bloody millennials for this. So again I ask, on behalf of all of us fighting the good fight, whether it be a local roofing company, an insurance company, a cookie maker, or another boutique, liking and commenting on posts seriously can mean that all your fave small businesses stay in business bc right now, as of midnight on 12/28 FB likey engagement. We are entrepreneurs, visionaries with ADD, not techies!  And I SO appreciate all of you that already do this more than you will know, along with your 'Fan Girl Friday' pics and when you take the time to do reviews. They all make me smile. 

So recap- Get your deeply discounted Viereck in January, January/Feb new releases are Tuesday/Thursdays at 9am with perhaps surprise items popping up here and there, be patient with Clara, sale items are final sale ;), like and comment on my shiz, keep your Fan Girl Friday pics coming, and your reviews bring a smile to this tired AF momma's face. 

Now let me just figure out how to actually get this blog published to the site....


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